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Adding digital trust to the transactional data with blockchain technology.

A Brief History

We are a team of techies who left jobs in 2010 to join the eCom upsurge in India and have created two private labels "Karpine" & "Kartuce" which have sold over 2 million products generating over 5M USD in revenues.

We Have Come A Long Way

  • Our Start - Apr 2020
    Lazy Covid lockdown has pushed us to look into new technologies!!! Block chain caught our attention.
  • The Early Days - Jun 2020
    Extensive exposure to eCom pushed us to identify areas which make sense to add to block chain.
  • Reward Points Beta - Dec 2020
    Our beta was live with rewards points on blockchain. However as we see a bigger potential in providing blockchain as a service, we pivoted to an API based Blockchain As A Service provider.
  • Blockchain As A Service - Mar 2021
    REST API's to interact with blockchain in beta.
  • At Present
    Building sector specific API's for Fintech & Digital Ticketing Solutions on blockchain!!!
  • Future plans
    Building container based permissioned blockchains with prebuilt API's for industry specific use cases.

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