Digital Twins

Empower your operations with our digital twin solutions, providing real-time insights and enhancing efficiency through a virtual mirror of your assets and processes.


Ensure trust and transparency in your products with our Digital Product Passport, revolutionizing security and authenticity in the digital realm.

Value Chain

Optimize your business value chain with our advanced solutions, seamlessly integrating data-driven insights for strategic efficiency and advantage.


Live Smart Labels in real world





Digital Twins


Supply Chain Points

Sustainable Material Solutions
Navigating ESG Initiatives for a Greener Future

Circular Economy Excellence
Pioneering Recycling Initiatives for Sustainable Material Practices

Inventory Management

Transform your inventory management with our automated RFID system, providing real-time tracking for precise and efficient stock control.

Anti-Theft Solution

Fortify security with our RFID-based anti-theft solution, ensuring unparalleled protection for your store goods.

Anti-Counterfeit Solution

Combat counterfeiting with our blockchain-based solution, safeguarding authenticity and integrity throughout the supply chain.

Self-Checkout Solution

Simplify the shopping experience with our RFID-based self-checkout, offering a seamless and efficient way for customers to complete transactions.

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Karpine provides a Web3 blockchain-based Value Chain solution for Fashion and Luxury Retail.